intercasino125One of the best respected casinos on the Internet is the venerable Intercasino. Online and accepting bets since 1996, they’ve built a reputation for intergrity and fairness in the industry, ranking them amoung the truly elite in online gaming.
Their Cryptologic software is fast to download and plays reliably. In fact, it’s a whole lot of fun. The games really do look sharp, with crisp, beautiful 3D graphics and play goes at a good pace. It’s a simple casino to navigate, and you really notice the attention that was given to making the casino user-friendly. There’s helpful assistance each step of the way, and the e-commerce setup with in the software leaves nothing to guess, which for me is really important in a casino. You can access logs of your transactions easily and quickly. I honestly felt a sense of security playing at Intercasino that I feel is lacking at other sites.
The selection of games delivers what you would expect from a fully-featured casino: 35 great games, including multiplayer support for table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Craps. A wide variety of slots and video poker machines provide hours of entertainment without getting stale, and with a long-term payout rate of 97.5% even the most casual of gamblers will have an opportunity to win.
Their Player’s Club Comps program delivers a continual comp system making every wager you place worth ”a little extra”. Accumulate comp points and they turn into real bonuses that prolong your enjoyment, and best of, Intercasino is consistent with this. Their current promotion is a free 100% match bonus on $80 deposits, and what’s more is that they’re extended their exclusive ”Where’s Ryan” promotion – meaning that anytime you’re playing in multiplayer you could suddenly be rewarded with a large cash bonus. Intercasino’s experience and dedication to superior gaming really shows through from start to finish, and I would recommend both new and old players alike should try them out. A top pick.

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